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No matter which service you choose, you'll gain a new asset for your business and a clearer view on the story you're telling. 

It doesn't hurt that you'll also get over a decade of marketing, communications, design, and storytelling experience without, you know, having to wait a decade.    

Main Courses: 

Branding  |  Website Consult | Website Design & Build 


Content Creation: Copywriting, Photography, & Voiceover 




In stories we meet characters. Authors describe the way they look, the clothes they wear. We come to learn the way they talk, what their personality is like, and how they interact with others.

In your business’ story, that’s your brand. Your logo, colors, fonts, tone are part of that. 

Together we’ll come to an understanding of what your brand's story is and how to best express it. I’ll construct the visual aspects. You get to make it fly from there.


the branding package

Branding services include:

insight questionnaire, an inspiration board, 3 design concepts, a refinement round on the chosen concept, 1 final logo in black and white and color in 3 file formats, a branding guide, & a quick reference sheet

Add-ons designs featuring your new branding are also available for an additional fee including:

Social Media Branding, Business Card Design, Letterhead Design, Thank You Card Design, Invoice Design, Small Promo Item Designs (such as bookmarks, bookplates, stickers, notebooks, & banners)

Website Consultation. 


Your website tells visitors a story on more than one level. Yes, there’s the story of you, your brand, or your business. There’s the story of your products and services. But there’s another story being told quietly alongside all of those.

That story comes from the usability of your site. Do visitors have a pleasant experience? Can they easily find they info they want?

After I assess your website for the loud and quiet stories, I’ll provide an action plan for what can be improved. Then if you have the resources to take action in-house, you can. Or if you decide you want help, I can assist in making the transformation for an additional fee.




Website consultation services include:

insight questionnaire, review of your existing website, custom Action Plan pdf 


Great for existing websites or if you're in the planning stages of a new one and could use some extra perspective.

Once you have your Action Plan:

If you need help in optimizing your site - editing text, writing new copy, finding new photos, or redesigning your site, I know someone who can help.

(It's me.) 

Website Design.


Whether getting your own website is on your to-do list or it’s time to revamp the site you already have, we can work together to give your brand a fitting home on the web.

Building an easy-to-use site that aligns with your brand is the first part (and a big one). Once you have that great site, you should be able to update it with your latest news and photos without having to call in a webmaster. With a content management system (CMS) you’ll be able to do just that.

That’s why I customize and build websites in Squarespace and WordPress.





Web design services include:

insight questionnaire, choosing a base template, updates, customization, content population, testing, site review, one round of refinements, site go-live, & a guide with tips for using your website 

You'll need to have started collecting the content for your site before the project officially starts.

50% of the project cost & a signed contract is required to get a spot on my calendar. 

Monthly/Annual website hosting costs not included in price.

Squarespace Circle Member

The Add-Ons

Content Creation.

These services can be added on to the above initially & are available later for previous clients. 



You have this thing. It’s a product or service or maybe it’s you. It’s great and you want your audience to know about it. You have ideas but you haven’t been able to pin down the right words. Maybe you don’t like writing copy. Maybe you don’t have the time for it.

Luckily, that’s my jam. Web copy, ad copy, articles, signage, presentations, product and service descriptions – I’ve done it all. Back in college I was consistently commended for my ability to fill page after page with engaging and flowing text. In the years since I’ve mastered the ability to say the most with the least. Word count limits don’t scare me.

Need help with a page of your web copy? Captions for a social media campaign? A better bio? Let’s talk.

Contact for quote.

Price varies depending on project


We all know a picture can be worth a thousand words and with short attention spans on the internet, they sure do help tell a story faster. I started taking photos at age 5 and have been pretty darn serious about it ever since. Eventually I turned pro. My specialty is lifestyle imagery which includes non-boring portraits, environmental product photos, and travel imagery.

So if you need personal brand photography - a photo of yourself for your website, some images of your product with a sense of place for a social or email campaign, or just some scenic shots for a design, we may be a good fit.

Photo commissions start at


In addition to taking photos I have a good eye for spotting a quality pic. So we can save you some time by assisting in sourcing stock photos too.

Photo sourcing starts at




A professionally-trained voice actor too? Yes, yes I am.  

Build trust, confidence, and ease with your audience – without having to record yourself and spending all that time thinking about how you hate the sound of your own voice.

Contact for a custom quote & more audio samples. Rates CAN start around $150.

Possible applications:

a promo or how-to video, an intro, disclaimer, or ad for your podcast, an audio sample chapter of your book

VO files delivered as MP3s.


Save time. Get your story out there.