branding, promo item design add-ons, website design and build, content creation: Tricia Barr


In addition to being an engineer, Tricia Barr is an author of sci-fi fantasy fiction and non-fiction. A year after self-publishing her first novel, Tricia was getting ready for the debut of her first non-fiction Star Wars book. With a schedule that’d soon include a launch party, conventions, and a book tour Tricia wanted to define her brand as an author and upgrade her blog to a full website.

After designing brand visuals that encapsulated the romantic excitement of her own storytelling, we moved on to her website. In addition to new functionality, the design accommodated both a showcase for her growing body of work and a place for her to provide insights into her storytelling process. Designs for bookplates, bookmarks, and web banners helped bolster her promotions.  

Author Website Home Page - Tricia Barr
original character art by  Magali Villeneuve

original character art by Magali Villeneuve