Putting things together.



Everyone calls me K. 
One of the most extrovert-appearing introverts you'll ever meet, my passion for clear design, wordplay, and embracing your inner weird is its own kind of magic.

I can't remember a time when I didn't enjoy taking existing things and making them into something new. Growing up a cardboard box and a few pieces of paper turned into my own news program. A blanket and camera turned into a photo studio. I eventually started editing amateur movies, thrilled to craft a finished product out of raw material. 

After college I worked for nearly a decade in international corporation marketing and communications.

My work focused on balancing making everything look impressive with making it easy for its audience to understand. And that's something I carry over to the work I do here.

I believe in storytelling with authenticity and clarity to connect with your people. I'm here to help you achieve exactly that. 

Of course the words you use tell your audience a story. But so does your logo, brand voice, photos, social media feeds, and your website.  

Check out my services and portfolio to get more of the specifics. Put in motion a project by filling out my contact form. And in the meantime, get ready to shine your light.

K. Serna
Chief Storytelling Magic Worker,
KS Creative Solutions





  • almost every kind of tea

  • spontaneous dance parties

  • Star Wars and 1930s/40s comedies

  • performing improv in front of at least 500 people

  • curling up with a good book in complete silence